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What can be better than fresh healthy food delivered right to your doorstep?
We take great care of every order that you place with Merrylynd Organics
and guarantee the highest quality products!

Average $2.30/KG

Organic Flour

All of our flour is stone-ground expressly to order, providing the freshest product possible. 

Buckwheat, corn, oats, rye, spelt, wheat available.

Products available in Whole Flour (25 KG),
Fine Sifted Flour (25 KG) or Bran (10 KG).

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Average $20.22/10KG

Grains & Beans

At Merrylynd, we grow our own grains and beans as well as purchase from local, certified organic producers. All crops are completely GMO-free.

Buckwheat, corn, oats, rye, soybean, spelt, wheat in custom quantities available for purchase.

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Average $5.20/lb + packaging

Organic Beef

All Merrylynd Farms beef is traditionally raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones. 
We believe in humane methods with access to open pastures supplemented with feed from our own organic grains and hay production.

Large or small orders can be produced and customized to your needs.

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Farm Fresh Eggs

All our poultry are provided with organic feed are are completely free range.  When picking up your order, please drive carefully around the yard (chickens at work). Supply varies with seasonal temperature changes as nature intended.

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Maple Syrup

Maple products at Merrylynd Farms are all natural and seasonally available.  Production comes from local hardwood forests managed in a sustainable manner.

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Pumpkins are seasonally available from late September through to November each year depending on weather.  Orders are available at the farm gate with larger store deliveries available.  Please inquire for further details.


3010 Highway 28

Douro-Dummer, CA K0L 2H0