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Do you ever wonder where nursery rhymes come from? How on earth do farms get such obscure names? These are all questions that people have pondered through the ages. So, settle in and I’ll tell you the tale of The Farmer and Ada L.

Once upon a time in a faraway county, a strapping young farmer named Peter went out to the local tavern to celebrate St. Patricks Day. Peter was enjoying his annual Guinness when in walked what he thought could only be a dairy princess, or at least some kind of a supermodel. 

With the help of Mr. Guinness, Peter approached the young maiden, named Ada  and learned that she was from Germany. He was intrigued because he had never even been to that part of Ontario. 

She told him that she worked in a health food store and in a weak moment Peter pointed out that organic food was only for hippies, but then quickly recovered by adding “and stunning german health food types”

In a desperate bid to impress her he immediately switched to organic lager and was pleasantly surprised to find that there in fact was no worm at the bottom of his ale. 

Later, he thought he heard her yelling to one of her friends that she had met a dandy boy, but it turns out they were just doing one of those Irish ballads that everyone sings on St Patricks Day.

With his newfound confidence, at the stroke of midnight he jumped on the table and decreed that if she would become his queen, then he would convert his farm to organic. There was silence among the patrons. Only the ironic words of “last call” could be heard in the distance. When she enthusiastically offered her one free hand in approval, the crowd knowingly erupted into a chorus of “God Save the Queen”.

They were wed and moved to their new kingdom. They declared that they shall call it Merrylynd to honour the merriment of that fateful St. Patricks Day.

On their land they grew fairytale crops like pumpkins fit for Cinderellas carriage, pastured hens that laid golden eggs and cows that seemingly really could jump over the moon. They were blessed with two princesses of their own.

Did they live happily ever after you ask?  Of course!  Peter Peter pumpkin eater, had a wife and couldn’t keep her. That’s just one of those crazy nursery rhymes.

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Our unique products begin with protected growing conditions. Much of the land base is in pasture and forest, creating large buffer areas between farms. At Merrylynd, we grow our own grains and beans as well as purchase from local, certified organic producers. Choose a family based operation, not a high intensity cash cropping establishments. 

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